Replica watches-Accurately present the fine grain texture and unique beauty of the original dial

This new work was created by Vacheron Constantin's restoration workshop and the brand's historical heritage department for a whole year. It can be called a pioneering move in the watch industry and demonstrates Vacheron Constantin's determination to inherit, continue and continuously enrich the brand's historical accumulation and replica watches traditional skills. committed to.

It is highly respected by high-end watch collectors and taste connoisseurs. There are intriguing stories behind some timepieces, leading people to cross the long river of time, trace the birth of legends, and search for the past era. Adhering to this concept, Vacheron Constantin launched a new American 1921 orphan timepiece this year Replica rolex watches, faithfully restoring classic masterpieces from 1921, and embarking on a long journey through time and space. Explore the vigorous creativity of the "Roaring Twenties" and reproduce the beauty of craftsmanship a hundred years ago. This is not only an anniversary gift, but also a fascinating exploration of replica watches Vacheron Constantin's profound artistic accumulation for more than 265 years.

Few watch brands can restore all antique watches that span a century of history. For this reason, Vacheron Constantin has always been proud of being able to inherit the long-standing watchmaking skills and ensure the continuation of the history of each timepiece. The restoration masters strictly abide by the professional ethics of restoration work while showing their superb skills and style. They will rely on a rich part library, or polish and adjust the part blanks, or even re-manufacture-this is the most delicate and difficult task, which must go through extremely complex size calculations. The restoration workshop has a team of skilled replica watches, who are good at combining historical perspectives and scientific analysis, so that every ancient timepiece can regain its former style without changing its original appearance. But they had never tried to reproduce a complete antique timepiece before. In this unprecedented pioneering work, in order to ensure that the delicate details of the prototype watch can be faithfully and accurately reproduced, the restoration master must integrate a number of skills and continue to accumulate experience during a year of repeated attempts.

It is also a daunting challenge to inlay the jewel axis on the movement. Since the 1940s, mechanical nailing has gradually become the mainstream of inlaid gemstone shafts. This allows the replica watches of the restoration workshop to be proficient in replacing damaged gemstones for historic antique timepieces, but they never had the opportunity to directly set the gemstone axis. If you want to accurately carve the depth of the groove embedded in the gemstone on the metal surface, to ensure that the error does not exceed 0.01 mm, you need to carefully try repeatedly. In addition, replica watches have to study patiently to reproduce the unique rib decoration on the movement, ingeniously matching with the rich hand-carved patterns, and continuing the exquisite design of a hundred years ago.

It also embodies superb professional accomplishments, and the fine grain texture and unique beauty of the original dial are accurately presented by the master of art. The dial is made of Grand Feu enamel. This ancient technique is known as one of the most intricate clock decoration art, and it needs to be fired repeatedly in a replica watches furnace at a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius to complete it. The dial is decorated with retro digital hour markers and the Vacheron Constantin brand logo, with slim open hands, and is baked blue by the masters of the restoration workshop using the traditional techniques of 100 years ago.