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The complexity of the tourbillon device can be imagined, because of the precise data calculation and the multiple combination layout of mechanical parts involved behind it, it determines the space it occupies. Usually timepieces equipped with a tourbillon device, the thickness of the case will be limited in terms of beauty and wearing experience. After several tempering of craftsmanship and technology, it is the breakthrough and challenge of contemporary watchmakers to simplify the mechanical parts. limit. The Breguet Classique Classic Series 5395 Ultra-thin Tourbillon Skeleton replica watches a blockbuster in 2019. The 518 movement it carries is only 3 mm thick, which reduces the movement material by 50% on the original tourbillon frame. As the "Best Tourbillon Watch of the Year" award selected by the Italian professional watch magazine "LĄŻOrologio", the essence of its craftsmanship can be said to have set a benchmark in the ultra-thin field. Aesthetically, the transparent and elegant visual impact gives people a more shocking impact. The hollow movement uses hand-engraving, guilloch¨Ś engraving, and chamfering modification techniques to replica rolex extend to the mechanical parts, making this replica watches Truly originality.

Each is a masterpiece of superb art. Although the Classique series already contains a variety of perpetual calendar products, Breguet watchmakers still decided to create a new style, namely the Classique Classic Series 3797 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar watch. Breguet pays special attention to the natural display of scales to ensure that it brings out the attractive charm of the replica watches . The amount of information contained in the dial can inevitably be confusing at times, so Breguet has creatively added a third level, placing the hour and minute scales in the front. This setting is easier to read the time, and it can also replica watches be clear at a glance. Other information on the dial, this recognized masterpiece of timepieces cleverly achieves the above functions by installing an eccentric sapphire disc on a flexible bracket.

The one-minute tourbillon at the six o'clock position of the replica watches subtly combined with the hour circle. The bridge frame is still beautifully chamfered, and a three-headed small second hand is set on the shaft. The inner world of the replica watches can be seen through the sapphire glass back cover, and the transparent design makes the entire tourbillon alive. The proficient retouching skills of Breguet watchmakers give new vitality to the carving patterns, and the meticulous carving craftsmanship.

The escapement adopts innovative silicon material, which avoids the influence of the magnetic field in the environment, realizes a high degree of shock resistance and rust resistance fake Rolex, so that the watch can avoid environmental influences with the best hardware conditions. The application of the titanium tourbillon frame not only reduces the overall weight of the watch, but also requires less power when the titanium alloy frame rotates and the balance wheel swings. The balance wheel can be lighter and the inertia is relatively smaller, which greatly improves the watch. Time accuracy.